“Weightless” by Marconi Union Reduces Anxiety by 65%


People suffering from anxiety disorders find it nearly impossible to peacefully live a normal life. Many of them could be even suffering from chronic anxiety disorder. Besides medication and other natural remedies used to heal anxiety, neuroscientists have discovered this one song that is able to reduce anxiety by 65 percent.

Anxiety could be an enfeebling disorder with many side effects including dizziness, tingling, headaches, stomachaches, etc. Anxiety happens when people start acting in a worried way about everything happening or that might happen in their lives such as upcoming events and so on. There is no doubt that there are many medicines that are able to heal one from anxiety. While some of these medicines are effective, some of them also come with many severe side effects. This is when Neuroscientists have discovered this one song to treat anxiety.

On a proven study done in the UK at Mindlab International, neuroscientists have discovered this particular song that helps people reduce their anxiety disorder to 65%. Basically, these researchers wanted to find out which type of music makes people feel the most relaxed. The study incorporated a group of audience who were trying to decode several puzzles while they were connected to a sensor. While solving the puzzles, the participants were listening to different types of songs. Investigators then recorded their heart rate, brain activity, rate of breathing and their blood pressure.

As a result, the song “Weightless” by Marconi Union showed to have reduced the participants’ anxiety by 65%. In addition, a decrease of 35% in the participants’ physiological resting rated was noticed. “Weightless” was specially made to help people feel more relaxed. The following link will take you to where you can listen to this song.

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