How to get rid of anxiety


Is it possible to get rid of anxiety all together? There are many methods to treat generalised anxiety short term, but long term treatment requires a completely different set of skills. This will need constant work, and may be a lifelong progress – but the more you work on it, the more the symptoms will fade into the background.


Write a list

Write down the truth that counter what your anxiety tries to tell you. Write down all the fears you have and the real life honest versions of them – ie. “I can answer all the questions to the best of my ability in the interview. I have done interviews before with great success”


Read the list several times a day

By having the truth affirmed to you, you will be a lot less anxious when you find yourself in the situation. The harm that anxiety causes is making us believe that what it is telling us. We feed into the falsehoods. Reading the arguments on the list will be at the forefront of the mind and equip us when we feel vulnerable.


Practice yoga and meditation

Whatever has caused your anxiety, escape to your body and not your head for a while with the incredibly healing practice of yoga and meditation.



Getting out and moving our bodies releases endorphins. It can take a lot of willpower to get off the bed or sofa and get active and this hard work is rewarded in the feeling of pride and confidence – anxiety’s worst enemies.


Pinpoint your weak spots

There may be weak spots in our lives which are exacerbating anxiety. Bad relationships, unhappiness in a job, poor diets, too much alcohol, reoccurring behavioural patterns. By examining our lives, we can draw upon what areas need work. Speak to a good friend or a professional counsellor and talk through the problem if it seems too big to change.


Alternative medicine

Many people have had great success through homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, reiki and other alternative therapies. This is positive action which should not only have some effect but  will also allow you to feel empowered.


Get social

Find a way of spending some downtime with people who have similar interests to you. Enjoy the flow of conversation, finding things in common and the general atmosphere. Sociability is so much better at busting anxiety than sat by yourself.


Get a routine down

Be strict with yourself. Go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time every day. Have breakfast and have an activity planned for that morning, whether it’s going to work, study, exercise or meet a friend. A schedule gives order to your life and helps to steady emotions – in short, you’re in control.


Do not put things off

If you have something hanging over you, just get on with it. It’s what’s called, in some circles, “swallowing the frog” – doing the most unpleasant thing first. If you still haven’t made up with a friend, sorted out the overdue credit card bill, or cleaned your house – do it now, and have a sense of achievement hanging over you all day. And, of course, no source of anxiety!


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