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“Weightless” by Marconi Union Reduces Anxiety by 65%


People suffering from anxiety disorders find it nearly impossible to peacefully live a normal life. Many of them could be even suffering from chronic anxiety disorder. Besides medication and other natural remedies used to heal anxiety, neuroscientists have discovered this one song that is able to reduce anxiety by 65 percent. Anxiety could be an enfeebling disorder with many side effects...

How can I spot the signs of depression?


Would you know what to look for if you had to spot any signs of depression? Not all people suffering from depression will even know themselves that they are being affected by it. Depression is a deeply complex and varied condition and can manifest itself in many ways.   Generally, though, when you feel depressed, you feel low, sad, hopeless and have an apathy to the very things you once...

How to get rid of anxiety


Is it possible to get rid of anxiety all together? There are many methods to treat generalised anxiety short term, but long term treatment requires a completely different set of skills. This will need constant work, and may be a lifelong progress – but the more you work on it, the more the symptoms will fade into the background.   Write a list Write down the truth that counter what your...

Coping with anxiety


Are you coping with anxiety – or is it dominating your life? Without the right coping mechanisms, anxiety can spiral out of control. Sleeplessness, irritability and physical symptoms can all create a situation where anxious feelings get worse. Often it feels like the situation is beyond your control. However, with the right practices and approach, you can begin to be in charge of your anxiety...

Anxiety Symptoms


Anxiety disorders are surpassing depression as the most common form of mental illness. Figures suggest that 10 per cent of teenagers and 40 per cent of adults in the U.S. suffers from anxiety. It’s quite possible that you have experienced anxiety. Anxiety is quite common – and it is not regarded as a medical problem. However, when anxiety disrupts our ability to function normally, it is classed...

Anxiety Disorders


Everyone – at least at one point in their lives – has suffered anxiety. Whether it’s making a big decision, starting a new job, ending a relationship, we have all felt the nervousness, fear and anticipation which goes along with big changes in our life. However, when anxiety disrupts our ability to function normally, it is classed as a ‘disorder’. This means that if we experience one or some of...

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